What are you absolutely CERTAIN of? 💪

A lot of people who would like to be more successful or confident in their work are trying to improve based on BELIEF.

They are trying to make themselves believe that they are worthy, that they are loveable, that they are competent, etc.

The problem with belief is that it doesn’t really stick. There is a big difference between believing something and KNOWING something or being CERTAIN of something.

Imagine you could operate from certainty rather than belief!

What if you could quote facts and case studies, rather than hopes and beliefs of what you can deliver?

So when you look at your career, your competence, your past successes, your experience, your strengths… what are you certain of?

⏩ What are you absolutely certain of that you can deliver at work, or help other people with??

I invite you to create an ACTUAL LIST of what you are certain of, RIGHT NOW. (Or at least post one thing below in the comments) 🎁

(Just reading this post will just give you information. 😱 Creating the list will give you transformation! 💣)

Here is what I am certain of:

✅ I am absolutely certain that I have a transformative understanding of how the mind actually works and who we really, that very few people in the world have, but the understanding of which can help anyone become happier, lighter, more loving, more creative, more resilient, more courageous as well as more high performing and successful in their personal and professional lives.

✅ I am absolutely certain that I have unique professional and life experience that, combined with above mentioned understanding, is highly suited to help any leader in business to massively improve not only the circumstances of their life and work but most of all the quality of their experience thereof.

✅ I am absolutely certain that anyone who receives coaching from me and shows up as directed will experience an incredible transformation in their life, towards more clarity, happiness, love, ease, confidence, possibilities, resilience, creativity, fearlessness, productivity and success. “Showing up as directed” means being open to coaching and new ways of seeing the world, being highly committed to the coaching process, and choosing to taking respective action in their lives.

(In the past, I may have been too humble to say this publicly, but I do it now because I am certain of it, and because I have experienced the transformation myself which I mention above 🤷‍♂️)

So – what are you certain of? Please comment with one example below!