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Dr. Johannes Metzler

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Are you a high achiever looking for CLARITY about ...

  • ... what is the next level for your business, career or life, and how to achieve it?
  • ... how to unlock your leadership and high performance potential? 
  • ... how to weather the storms of your already successful life? 
  • ... a challenge or problem that you are thinking about hard but still cannot figure out? 
  • ... ways to unite a thriving career and family life
  • ... how to live your full potential and purpose?

Hi. I'm Johannes and I can help you get clarity

If you are a leader, an entrepreneur, an executive and you have always been driven by a growth mindset you will also know that it always seems like there is another level to achieve before you can *fill in the blank* (... be happy, be relaxed, truly enjoy life, have the courage to change your trajectory, do what you really want to do with your life…) .

And if you are now at the level where you are ready to stop this hamster wheel of a search for growing to be good enough but instead want to get a transformative new perspective on your life that can lead to feelings of ease, increased courage and effortless productivity then you and I should have a conversation. Because that has been my life story... 

Past experiences that I bring to the table:

  • Executive Director People & Strategy at international industry leader
  • Founder & Managing Director of Mobile App Company
  • Online Trainer with over 7,000 students
  • Interim Managing Director at social startup
  • Head of New Business & Business Development at Zalando
  • Strategy Consultant at top strategy boutique
  • PhD in Economics with scholarship, top grade
  • MBA top 2% of class

Born in Heidelberg, I now live in Berlin together with my wife Anna and two children Kaspar and Marlene.

Coaching & Consulting Testimonials

Dr. Moritz Hahn

CEO Schustermann & Borenstein

I have known Johannes for years, and he is one of the smartest people I have ever worked with. Independent of the context he is able to understand a new topic quickly and deeply, and use his analytical and people skills to come to a structured solution fast. Recently, I had a big decision to make and my thinking was going in circles. Only one conversation with Johannes helped me to get the clarity and insights I needed to become crystal clear on what I needed to do. I would always hire him again on the spot.

Johannes is an excellent coach that helped with provoking questions to guide us to more clarity on aspects like team lead, business strategy, and conflict management. Working in a startup is full of ambiguity, and Johannes uses his knowledge to help us to transform our business and reduce the uncertainty that we face over and over again. He is an amazing person, and I can't recommend him enough.

Bastian C. Külzer

Co-Founder Octomo

Coen van Oostrom

CEO EDGE Technologies

Johannes had a tremendous impact in our company. Not only is he exceptionally strong at solving analytical problems but he can also make people feel at ease around him so that they open up to change and new possibilities. Among other things, he designed and facilitated highly effective strategy workshops, innovated many of our organizational processes and led a big software implementation project - all with great success.

Johannes' coaching has been invaluable to me. Coming in with a super broad and difficult problem to tackle, Johannes listened carefully, asked the right questions and helped me to break down my super complex problem into manageable pieces that I can now conquer one by one. His interventions and wisdom made a big impact on me and my life and I can only highly recommend him!

Joeran Albers

Founder & MD Shleep


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Speaker Testimonials

Marina Schmidt

Founder, Podcast Host

Johannes was outstanding in his preparation and due diligence when it comes to being reliable and thinking about the interests of the audience. His approach to productivity is clear and very helpful. I can recommend Johannes warmly to everybody who wants to balance work and life, get more done and live a life worth living. 

Johannes is one of the most engaging speakers I've hosted.... and running a monthly event, I've had a LOT of speakers over the past 2 years! He shared his story in a way that authentic, ACTIONABLE, and extremely entertaining, with a solid laugh every 90 seconds. We generally don't have repeat speakers at my event, but I'm looking for excuses to bring him on again. 

Max Breckbill

Host of Berlin Self-funded Founders Meetup

Anna Oels

Former Senior Manager Paypal

Johannes was our speaker for the highly anticipated last seminar in an event series, and his presentation and delivery did not fall short of expectations. In a very short amount of time, he managed to deliver priceless knowledge mixed with entertaining stories and directly applicable exercises. I feel that everyone went home with very concrete ideas about what to change tomorrow in order to step up their quality of work and life. 

Johannes finished our entrepreneurship conference with a ‚bang'. His closing speech was tailored to the audience, funny, very practical and at the same time full of inspirational wisdom from his own experience and research. It was frequently mentioned to me as the one of the best talks of the conference - we couldn’t have wished for a better closing speaker.

Constantin Schreiber

Co-Founder Blair,

Ebspreneurship Conference Organizer

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