Improved clarity and state of mind for peak performance

Johannes Metzler

Do you believe that stress, pressure or anxiety is a normal and non-negotiable part of your workday that comes with the job description?

I assure you it is not.

What could you achieve if you were experiencing empowering states of mind as a default, and get over poor states of mind much quicker than right now?

Have you ever noticed…

Have you ever noticed that on some days the world almost seems to bow to your demands? You’re productive, in flow, confident, happy and nothing can shake you. Peak performance, resilience, creativity and wellbeing is your natural state of mind.

On other days, it seems as if you got up on the wrong foot and everything goes downhill from there. You’re tired, moody, stressed, unproductive, easily distracted and generally not at your best. You suffer from negative feelings that cloud your thinking.

My coaching is designed to help you improve your state of mind to have more of the first kind of days and fewer of the latter. Because we all have the ability to turn any day into a peak performance day.

The Harvard Business Review Article „How Your State of Mind Affects Your Performance” found that 94% of leaders reported that Calm, Happy and Energized (CHE) states of mind drive their greatest levels of effectiveness and performance.

However, Frustrated, Anxious, Tired and Stressed (FATS) states of mind were also relatively common among top managers. While they may achieve results short-term they often cause harm long-term, to oneself and to relationships.

What could you achieve if you were experiencing empowering states of mind as a default, and get over poor states of mind much quicker than right now?

What is state of mind?

State of mind is the clarity and quality of your thinking in the moment.

Think back to your best decisions and performance – what state of mind were you in?

And thinking of your worst days, performance or decisions: what states occupied your mind during those moments?

When we observe top athletes we often see that a bad state of mind can cause the best athlete out there to perform below par. Tiger Woods is a prominent example of someone loosing his edge when his state of mind deteriorated. Or we often see leading tennis players loose a match that was almost won when their nerves get to them.

State of mind in business

What happens to top athletes also happens for all of us all day every day. Our state of mind fluctuates and so does our performance.

State of mind is probably the most overlooked factor in human and also business performance – because it is invisible and doesn’t get reflected immediately in quantitative scores like it does in sports.

But all people operate at their best when they feel at ease, confident and light. Whereas dealing with difficult situations from a difficult state of mind usually makes things worse and creates bad decisions or sours relationships.

What I can help you achieve Johannes Metzler Coaching

State of mind is responsible for feeling stressed, frustrated, anxious or under pressure, or on the flip side: calm, happy, in flow, productive.

What is essential to know is that you are not the victim of your circumstances or your state of mind even if it may often seem like that. Your state of mind is created on the inside.

If you have assumed so far that stress, pressure or anxiety is a normal and non-negotiable part of your workday that comes with the job description, I assure you that it is not. Through transformational insight low states of mind can start feeling much more avoidable and optional.

Many entrepreneurs and leaders are looking for ways to perform at a higher level while having too many things on their plate.

My coaching helps them tap into the limitless power of their mind to create the clarity, confidence and ease for next-level results in their business and personal lives.

If you are interested in talking to me about taking your performance to the next level through Clarity Coaching, please drop me a short message below so that we can see if we would be a good fit for each other. I only work with clients where this mutual fit is given. I’m very much looking forward to our conversation!



My coaching is not about giving you ‚expert answers‘. (Giving you answers would mean that you have to come back to me again and again for more answers.) Instead, I operate from the truth you are the ultimate expert in your own life and business, and there is greatness and wisdom within you that can be unlocked. 

I will bring out a whole new level of mindset, capabilities and behavior in you that is self-sustaining and self-reinforcing. You will be left with these capabilities forever, giving you an exponential return on investment.

My coaching philosophy is explained in a bit more detail here:


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    Dr. Moritz Hahn // CEO Schustermann & Borenstein

    I have known Johannes for years, and he is one of the smartest people I have ever worked with. Independent of the context he is able to understand a new topic quickly and deeply, and use his analytical and people skills to come to a structured solution fast. Recently, I had a big decision to make and my thinking was going in circles. Only one conversation with Johannes helped me to get the clarity and insights I needed to become crystal clear on what I needed to do. I would always hire him again on the spot.

    Kristine Zeller // Founder & MD Ooshi

    In my meeting with Johannes I got some interesting insights into my ego brain which allow me to put certain problems into perspective and to handle them with more ease. Ultimately I do understand myself better and can be more forgiving with myself.

    L.  // Founder & MD

    I have known Johannes for many years now in different roles: as a former colleague, dear friend and lately as my personal coach. Ever since we first worked together he has really helped me to identify my strengths and developed me to become a true leader on a technical as well as on a mental level. He is a great listener and able to identify your very own personal challenge and helps with thoughtful advice. It is very easy to accept his feedback as it’s never judgmental, always motivating and helps you to find your true north. I am thankful for every session we have together.

    Felix Dannich CEO Nawa

    Felix Dannich // Co-CEO & Founder, NAWA Home GmbH

    Johannes is a smart mind and great listener with an exceptional coaching approach. The 2.5 CEO Intensive Days in Berlin were truly mind-blowing and have had a long-lasting impact. During the sessions, Johannes asked the right questions triggering a transformative process which has changed my way of thinking and quite literally how I see the world. It brought me to the core of it all: my values, motives and behavior. This clarity helped me be being more at ease as well as becoming more resilient and confident in both private and business life

    Julian Clausen // Co-Founder Octomo

    Johannes has an uncanny talent to ask the right question at the right time. With that, he forces me to get to the bottom and to see things clearer.
    Building a company is intimidating and stressful at times. Johannes is a trustworthy sounding board for matters beyond business.
    When working with Johannes, you will realize that you have everything that you need at your disposal. Sometimes you just need a little tap into the right direction to take your business and yourself to the next level.

    Tim Kremic  // Founder & MD Wellsome

    Johannes' coaching approach is authentic, unique and impactful. His innate ability to weed through the mental clutter and ask the right question was invaluable for me to rediscover clarity and peace of mind amidst all the uncertainty. Coaching helped me change the way I think and act. I enjoyed our conversations and found great wisdom in his use of business parables that leave plenty of space for individual interpretation. Johannes is not only an amazing executive coach, good listener and a wise teacher, but someone you want to know and keep close long after the coaching relationship comes to an end.

    Coen van Oostrom  // CEO EDGE Technologies

    Johannes had a tremendous impact in our company. Not only is he exceptionally strong at solving analytical problems but he can also make people feel at ease around him so that they open up to change and new possibilities. Among other things, he designed and facilitated highly effective strategy workshops, innovated many of our organizational processes and led a big software implementation project - all with great success.

    Joeran Albers  // Founder & MD Shleep

    Johannes' coaching has been invaluable to me. Coming in with a super broad and difficult problem to tackle, Johannes listened carefully, asked the right questions and helped me to break down my super complex problem into manageable pieces that I can now conquer one by one. His interventions and wisdom made a big impact on me and my life and I can only highly recommend him!

    Bastian C. Külzer // Co-Founder Octomo

    Johannes is an excellent coach that helped with provoking questions to guide us to more clarity on aspects like team lead, business strategy, and conflict management. Working in a startup is full of ambiguity, and Johannes uses his knowledge to help us to transform our business and reduce the uncertainty that we face over and over again. He is an amazing person, and I can't recommend him enough.