For as long as I can think I have always been a passionate learner.

My bookcase at home is full of personal development books teaching me how to be “better” including how to be more productive, more charismatic, a better leader, a better dad – you name it.

Tony Robbins taught me that “progress is happiness” and so I thought that learning more would eventually make me happy. But instead it was the learning itself that created my unhappiness.

I have always had a fortunate life. But I was trapped in a hamster wheel of wanting (to learn) more in order to feel better. Despite all my hard personal development work I hit a wall and for years I felt like I wasn’t really living the life I should be living and accomplishing what I am here to accomplish. At some point I was confronted by a friend who asked: “When are you finally going to materialize your potential?” Then it hit me.

By constantly learning to overcome my limiting beliefs of “I’m not good enough” and “I’m not ready” I was manifesting the feeling of not yet being ready and good enough.

Two years ago I was lucky (guided?) enough to come across a transformative new understanding of how our mind really works that shifted all of this for me:

  • I am not my thoughts but I am the space within which my thoughts occur.
  • I am living in the experience of the thoughts that I give power to, and I don’t have to take all of them seriously.

I started feeling deeply peaceful about myself and ready to take on the world. I feel lighter and wiser than ever before. And from this state of mind I recognized an untainted authentic desire to dive deeper into the world of human potential and to help others unlock what holds them back within them.

My coaching and advisor roles are focused on

  • how to achieve ambitious goals while enjoying the ride of life
  • how to live a fulfilled and impactful life no matter what the circumstances are
  • how to become a high performing business leader without burning out
  • how to shape an effective company culture that produces results while honouring the human side

Please reach out to me if you want to get in contact and discuss how we can bring more clarity, resilience and performance to you or your company / team through coaching, a keynote or a workshop.